Energy Consulting

Energy Consulting for Solar and Bulk Storage


For education and high quality solar & storage system design and installation at highly competitive pricing, we work with Earthwise Energy Solutions.


Alameda Technologies is in quiet mode with its innovation bulk storage solution.

Funding Sought for Innovative Bulk Energy Storage System 
The energy storage market is red-hot for large-scale storage (ex: 1.3 GWh targeted by CPUC by 2020). A simple innovative  approach is being developed that calculations show to be consistent with a cost-effective (~$200/kWh) build cost with the following characteristics:
  • Short-term storage (~4 hours)
  • Scales very well into 100’s of MWh 
  • Minimal moving parts, easily replaceable: 40 to 60-year design life
  • No high tech requirements
  • No toxic materials
  • Underground Installation; No special site requirements.


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